It was by far the most beautiful place I’ve ever seen in my life. The wide river ran under the bridge and into the ocean. The white sand from the ocean had covered the river bottom with soft white sand as well and in the shallow part of the ocean a giant blue hole of fresh water bubbled up. It was really amazing!

We went to blue jewel today, or at least that what my brother named it. I’m not sure what the locals call it.

Little grass huts lined the beach front and provided shade and a picnic table for hot and hungry visitors. They looked like a picture from a postcard.

The teenagers hopped out of the truck where the river was and made friends with the group of local boys that were there.

The little ones ran into the ocean meets river and splashed and squealed in the frothy salty water.

Nobody has a problem with making friends and Isaiah and the little brown eyed brown skinned boy find an old ball and start chasing it over the soft white sand.

Micah isn’t afraid of anything and dips his chubby fingers and little toes into the cool water and then the warm sand. His smile is irresistible!

It’s just breathtaking. I can keep an eye on all the children from my spot on the sand and after collecting a cup full of beach treasures sit down with my sisters to laugh and chat.

Some of the children complain that they’re hungry, and a local friend as well that we brought with us wastes no time in climbing up a coconut and tree cutting down coconuts to share with everyone.

After many hours of playing, We ask the guy who represents the village that owns the beach if it’s okay to take home some sand and he smiles and nods telling us to bring a bigger bucket next time.

I am certain today that this MUST be the heart of paradise!

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