Father’s Day…
โ€‹โ€‹Everyone was staring at us as the group of men stood in front of the congregation our hands covered in coconut milk and chicken grease dripping from our mouths. If this wasn’t awkward I wasn’t sure what was.

When they celebrate they really go all out here. The whole church was decorated with cut up pieces of fabric strung along the perimeter of the makeshift building.

Flowers were nailed to the wall man style, and a large “happy happy Father’s Day sign” was hung at the front of the chapel.

When we first came in the men were given leis and our pockets were stuffed with flowers.

That was all before church after church the children sang us all a song, and five chocolate cakes that the women baked were divided amongst the group.

When that was done two of the young single adults came in with a hammock full of food. It was made by one of the local members and was called ‘Malakula lap lap’. A combination of potatoes meat, island cabbage, and coconut milk.

It looks great, however, being told to eat it while the entire congregation watched on was slightly uncomfortable. You know how hungry everyone gets after three hours of church and now that the Father’s Day presentation was over it had been four hours already.

Germs certainly were into consideration as all the men dug their hands into the common pot and started eating. The Grease dripping and licking goodness Group made quite a spectacle.

When all of us had had as much as we could possibly eat and some The women and children were now allowed to join in the fun eating all the leftovers and scraps.

This certainly will not be a Father’s Day that I will ever forget!

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