Being a mom can be overwhelming at best! I have 7 adorable children who I have spent some days loving and some moments hating!

Frustrated this huge swing of emotions, sometimes, several times a day, I have spent the last several years learning techniques that have help me get a lot more control in my own mind & heart. 

Here are my BEST tips at learning to love being a mom & wife everyday:

Those faces look innocent. Let me assure you…they aren’t!


TAKE A VITAMIN SUPPLEMENT that REALLY works everyday ( I use Q-96- it’s super high in vitamin B which fights depression or SAMe which you can find at most health food stores, or Doterra Vitamins). It is my belief that EVERY mom need extra mental support! And by taking a vitamin that actually works for you, it gives you the extra emotional support that you need to stay calm when you really feel like freaking out!


MAKE DECLARATIONS for yourself that you repeat to yourself out-loud EVERY DAY. (eg. I am awesome, These kids are going to grow up beautiful and sweet, I am beautiful, I am the best mom in the world for these kids)

There is just TONS of science behind the power of positive thinking. I love these books especially:
As a Man Thinketh
Acres of Diamonds
Drawing on the Powers of Heaven


TAKE SOME TIME OUT FOR YOURSELF! (any smart husband will support this!) go out with some girls that you can talk to.

Let’s face it, i
t’s hard being at home and only talking to babies all day, while covered in poop and laundry and dishes!

I have a couple sisters and couple close friends that I can call anytime and have a girl hangout session with in the evening. We all bring chocolate and then we just laugh and talk and cry and feel so much better afterwards.

My husband is always happy when I come home from my girls nights out because I got to dump and it wasn’t on him! Plus it’s so nice hearing that other people also struggle with their marriages and children and money and health πŸ™‚


HAVE A DATE NIGHT EVERY WEEK with your husband. Being connected to him is going to make you feel awesome. Sometimes we just go in our bedroom and lock the door. We watch a movie, or talk or play games, but the kids know it’s date night and we aren’t opening that door for anything!

If your husband travels away from home and it’s not feasible to have a date night once a week, don’t give up! Use this chance to have a date via social media. Text him, ask him questions, have good discussions or send him some spicy pictures (he won’t mind).

There are so many ways to connect with our spouses today, and our teenagers know how to use them so why shouldn’t we?!


Everyday. Not everyone can dance, but EVERYONE can sway. Swaying is standing up and moving from side to side without moving your feet. Make a promise to sway with your husband every night, just for the length of one song. If you guys are crazy angry at each other just hold each others pinkies and sway them to the music. It has worked MIRACLES in my marriage! (I learned swaying from the Royalty And Romance seminar that I took with Kirk Duncan which was soooo awesome)Β 


This is literally a piece of paper that I wrote all my angry feelings on so that I could burn it up and let it go!

PRACTICE LET-GO TECHNIQUES and use them anytime you are feeling angry, stressed out or mad.  A let go technique is any technique that you use to dissolve or let go of negative emotions. We all have negative emotions, and if they are not managed properly than we get sick, physically as well as mentally.  Everyone has different let go techniques. Here are a few:

  • Meditate
  • Walk
  • Talk
  • Write things out that are bothering you and Burn them
  • Breathe Deeply
  • Yoga
  • Use essential oils
  • Do stretches
  • Excercise
  • Music

All of these things are great things to do, but when you purposefully use them to help you manage your negative emotions they can literally work miracles in your life!  So take walking for example. Rather than just going for a walk, go for a walk with the intention of letting go of your ‘yuck’. Go out somewhere that nobody can hear and yell your gross stuff out, then on the way back from your walk, allow yourself to say everything that you are grateful for. You will be AMAZED at the results!

There are countless letting go techniques that can be used to manage your negative emotions, don’t be shy, USE THEM, AND LET GO OF YOUR JUNK! Your kids and husband will be grateful and your own body will be grateful.
I’d love it if you wanted to share YOUR favorite let-go techniques with us πŸ™‚


Everyday, even if it’s just a few verses. I went so many years without reading my scriptures consistently and since the I’ve started again I’ve been blown away by how much peace we have at home. I spend way less time on social media and way MORE time with God. I love it!

I’d love to know what you thought of my 7 tips for Being a Calm Mom & Rock-Star Wife!

What is hardest for you about being a mom or wife? Give me your best tips and hang in there, it gets easier πŸ™‚



  1. Naomi Pedersen Reply

    I love these idea’s!! I have tried a few of them and they really have made a world of a difference to my life. I love that you started off with good vitamins. It is hard to be my best self when I am not healthy


  2. Lorraine McKay Reply

    What great suggestions for a happy life. I needed to practice some of these earlier in my life, but it’s never too late to improve.

  3. THANKS for Sharing. This ALL sounds so formilluar. . Everything you’ve shared, ive been there, done that.. It’s nice to know other Couples-Women are Normal, Humans. Have challenges. Many people act like things are rosie, they aren’t.. I’ve heard many womens challenges. Glad your willing to VENT & SHARE Your Feelings & Experiences.. YOUR AMAZING. It takes a strong, wonderful Lady to share her Feelings & Challenges. Trust Me, Your NOT ALOAN ???? We’ve all been through many Hurdles. Were Normal human beings just needing a Listening EAR, somekne to Vent to, that WILL LISTEN & Not be Judgemental or Criticize. Live a day at a time. Do the Bedt we can. People have NO IDEA whats goes on behind closed doors or in anyone’s Homes or Relationships.. It takes having a OPEN RELATIONSHIP, being Good Friends with Your Spouse that makes good partners.. It took me yrs to PLANT that in My Hubbies head.. Hes finally GOT IT ????
    SATAN is always throwing daggers. LIFE is a rollercoaster & a Blessing. Without Trials WE wont GROW & Succeed. EVERY TRIAL brings us closer to our HF and the the Next Blesskng ?? Remember our HF & good Honest Friends Will always be there for You/US. Keep your chin up! My hubby just lost 55 plus lbs. My nagging him and a wonderful local Pharmacist has saved HIM. There ARE people out there THAT DO CARE ?
    Your a Sweet, Kind, Caring, Big Hearted ??Loving Mom & Wife. We can see it. Your an Angel. Weve ALL been through it, TRUST ME, it ONLY GETS BETTER. Hang in there. Be willing to ASK for other peoples experiences and KEEP them Confidential. TRUST & Privacy is a Must, not gossip, Nasty..
    If You ever need a shoulder to lean on. I’m willing to listen or HELP if I can ? Share experiences!
    I’ve been through 40 yrs of experiences. Many ups & downs. I dont know where I would be without my Savior & the CHURCH. Its Saved ME many times. My Marriage & chikdren/Family are TRULY a Blessing in my Life, Even though theyve all hurt Me a time or to. Made ME a stronger person. Still LEARNING. WHEN I Read my Scriptures it makes LIFE alot smoother.. ??


    Maybe you covered this in item #6 but hiking with your loved one (not “ones”) is a great idea. I don’t mean “walking” but actually going out in nature and going UP and DOWN hills with just you and one other loved one. Endorphins are released and no matter what the issues you two are facing you feel better. Just my opinion

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