As parents, we all want to provide our children with a safe and stimulating environment where they can play, learn, and grow. A well-designed playroom is the perfect space for fostering creativity, developing motor skills, and encouraging imaginative play. In this blog post, we’ll explore some must-have playroom essentials that will transform any space into a haven of fun and adventure. From cozy soft area rugs to exciting climbing structures, we’ve got you covered.

  1. Soft Area Rug


Every great playroom begins with a solid foundation, and a soft area rug is the perfect starting point. Not only does it provide a comfortable and safe surface for play, but it also defines the play area within the room. Opt for a rug with a playful design or vibrant colors to add a touch of whimsy to the space. It’s also easy to clean, making it ideal for messy playtimes.

  1. Ninja Monkey Bars


Add an element of excitement and physical activity with ninja monkey bars. These durable and versatile structures are designed to improve children’s upper body strength, balance, and coordination while sparking their imaginations. Ninja monkey bars can be easily attached to a wall or ceiling, saving valuable floor space.

  1. Slide


No playroom is complete without a slide! Whether it’s a freestanding slide or one attached to a loft or play structure, slides provide endless hours of entertainment. They help develop gross motor skills and are an absolute favorite among kids of all ages. Look for slides with safety features like sturdy handrails and a gentle slope.

  1. Pod Swing


A pod swing is the perfect spot for kids to relax, read, or even swing gently back and forth. These cozy, cocoon-like swings provide a soothing sensory experience and encourage imaginative play. Hang one from the ceiling or a sturdy frame to create a calming retreat within the playroom.

  1. Climbing Handles
  2. Chalkboard Paint


Unleash your child’s artistic potential with chalkboard paint. Transform a section of the playroom wall into a canvas for creative expression. Kids can draw, write, and erase to their heart’s content, fostering both artistic and cognitive development.

  1. Climbing Ladder


A climbing ladder provides a thrilling challenge for adventurous kids. Whether mounted on the wall or integrated into a play structure, climbing ladders encourage problem-solving and enhance physical strength and coordination.

  1. Pickler Triangle


The pickler triangle is a versatile and multi-functional climbing structure that offers endless opportunities for physical activity and imaginative play. It’s great for building strength, balance, and agility while sparking creativity. Look for a sturdy, well-crafted pickler triangle to ensure safety.

  1. Indoor Teepee


An indoor teepee adds a touch of whimsy and coziness to the playroom. It’s a perfect hideaway for reading, playing make-believe, or just relaxing. You can fill it with plush pillows and soft blankets to create a snug corner for your little ones to escape into their own world of imagination.

  1. Cute Boho Mirror


A cute boho mirror not only serves as a practical item but also adds a stylish and playful touch to the playroom’s decor. It allows kids to explore their own reflections and can be a source of endless amusement.

  1. Tropical Soft Sided Ball Pit


Bring the joy of a ball pit right into your playroom! A ball pit provides hours of laughter and physical activity. You can choose from various sizes and colors to match your playroom’s theme. It’s a fantastic way for kids to improve their motor skills and have a blast at the same time.

Creating the ultimate playroom is all about providing a safe and stimulating environment for your children to explore, learn, and have fun. By incorporating these essential items, such as soft area rugs, ninja monkey bars, slides, pod swings, climbing handles, chalkboard paint, climbing ladders, and pickler triangles, you’ll be well on your way to designing a playroom that fosters physical and cognitive development while nurturing your child’s imagination. So, let the adventures begin in your very own playroom wonderland!

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Being a mom can be overwhelming at best! I have 7 adorable children who I have spent some days loving and some moments hating!

Frustrated this huge swing of emotions, sometimes, several times a day, I have spent the last several years learning techniques that have help me get a lot more control in my own mind & heart. 

Here are my BEST tips at learning to love being a mom & wife everyday:

Those faces look innocent. Let me assure you…they aren’t!


TAKE A VITAMIN SUPPLEMENT that REALLY works everyday ( I use Q-96- it’s super high in vitamin B which fights depression or SAMe which you can find at most health food stores, or Doterra Vitamins). It is my belief that EVERY mom need extra mental support! And by taking a vitamin that actually works for you, it gives you the extra emotional support that you need to stay calm when you really feel like freaking out!


MAKE DECLARATIONS for yourself that you repeat to yourself out-loud EVERY DAY. (eg. I am awesome, These kids are going to grow up beautiful and sweet, I am beautiful, I am the best mom in the world for these kids)

There is just TONS of science behind the power of positive thinking. I love these books especially:
As a Man Thinketh
Acres of Diamonds
Drawing on the Powers of Heaven


TAKE SOME TIME OUT FOR YOURSELF! (any smart husband will support this!) go out with some girls that you can talk to.

Let’s face it, i
t’s hard being at home and only talking to babies all day, while covered in poop and laundry and dishes!

I have a couple sisters and couple close friends that I can call anytime and have a girl hangout session with in the evening. We all bring chocolate and then we just laugh and talk and cry and feel so much better afterwards.

My husband is always happy when I come home from my girls nights out because I got to dump and it wasn’t on him! Plus it’s so nice hearing that other people also struggle with their marriages and children and money and health πŸ™‚


HAVE A DATE NIGHT EVERY WEEK with your husband. Being connected to him is going to make you feel awesome. Sometimes we just go in our bedroom and lock the door. We watch a movie, or talk or play games, but the kids know it’s date night and we aren’t opening that door for anything!

If your husband travels away from home and it’s not feasible to have a date night once a week, don’t give up! Use this chance to have a date via social media. Text him, ask him questions, have good discussions or send him some spicy pictures (he won’t mind).

There are so many ways to connect with our spouses today, and our teenagers know how to use them so why shouldn’t we?!


Everyday. Not everyone can dance, but EVERYONE can sway. Swaying is standing up and moving from side to side without moving your feet. Make a promise to sway with your husband every night, just for the length of one song. If you guys are crazy angry at each other just hold each others pinkies and sway them to the music. It has worked MIRACLES in my marriage! (I learned swaying from the Royalty And Romance seminar that I took with Kirk Duncan which was soooo awesome)Β 


This is literally a piece of paper that I wrote all my angry feelings on so that I could burn it up and let it go!

PRACTICE LET-GO TECHNIQUES and use them anytime you are feeling angry, stressed out or mad.  A let go technique is any technique that you use to dissolve or let go of negative emotions. We all have negative emotions, and if they are not managed properly than we get sick, physically as well as mentally.  Everyone has different let go techniques. Here are a few:

  • Meditate
  • Walk
  • Talk
  • Write things out that are bothering you and Burn them
  • Breathe Deeply
  • Yoga
  • Use essential oils
  • Do stretches
  • Excercise
  • Music

All of these things are great things to do, but when you purposefully use them to help you manage your negative emotions they can literally work miracles in your life!  So take walking for example. Rather than just going for a walk, go for a walk with the intention of letting go of your ‘yuck’. Go out somewhere that nobody can hear and yell your gross stuff out, then on the way back from your walk, allow yourself to say everything that you are grateful for. You will be AMAZED at the results!

There are countless letting go techniques that can be used to manage your negative emotions, don’t be shy, USE THEM, AND LET GO OF YOUR JUNK! Your kids and husband will be grateful and your own body will be grateful.
I’d love it if you wanted to share YOUR favorite let-go techniques with us πŸ™‚


Everyday, even if it’s just a few verses. I went so many years without reading my scriptures consistently and since the I’ve started again I’ve been blown away by how much peace we have at home. I spend way less time on social media and way MORE time with God. I love it!

I’d love to know what you thought of my 7 tips for Being a Calm Mom & Rock-Star Wife!

What is hardest for you about being a mom or wife? Give me your best tips and hang in there, it gets easier πŸ™‚


I can’t believe it’s already been one year. In some ways it feels like a lifetime and in other ways it seems as though we just arrived. The experiences that we’ve had have been irreplaceable. I made a video to celebrate our 1 year anniversary, on the adventure of a lifetime! If you’ve been wondering why I haven’t been blogging as regularly, it’s because I was crazy sick and had to be flown to Australia for medical help, and then because I started writing a book! Stay tuned, I’ll let you know when it’s ready to read πŸ™‚

Maybe living in Samoa as a young girl prepared me for this, but for sure the rest of the family wasn’t quite expecting some of the changes in every day living they would find here in Vanuatu.

Take for instance … shopping.

As a little girl I always saw the signs on the front of stores that said “No shirt, No shoes, No service.” but here on the island it’s more like “No shirt, No shoes, No problem!”As long as you have Vatu (Vanuatu money) you can shop for whatever you need….not that you’ll find whatever you need, but for sure you’re welcome to try. You never know what you might find instead.

Groceries range from local things at the market that are super cheap, to things that are imported from New Zealand and Australia that are often super expensive.

Besides the local grocery store chain “Au Bon Marche” and some smaller locally owned grocery stores,Β  the island is teeming with cheap Chinese stores. I don’t say chinese grocery stores because they are more like Chinese “everything stores”. They carry the oddest assortment of things and you never know which store will have that amazing gem.

Sometimes the things they sell are used or broken but that doesn’t seem to faze them. Like this basket of shoes for $1 a pair.

The brands range from Chinese knock-offs, to authentic brands that we would recognize, to Island brands that we have never seen before.




Of course sometimes the product names or advertisements are made more interesting by the crossover from english to Bislama or when the sign is attempted with Bislama spellings of the English words. (FYI: as I’ve been told there is no standardization of spelling in Bislama. You just spell the words for however you think they are said phonetically.)



I know at first this next photo can trick your brain, but what it is actually advertising is beach slippers for kids.

If you happen to spot a pair of Nike shoes for five dollars you know they probably are not the real deal! In fact Vanuatu has no reverse engineering, or patenting laws that prevent copying other brands and selling them here….like the $120 brand new Iphone 6S that looked on the outside EXACTLY like the real deal…all the way until you turn it on πŸ˜‰

Well at the end of the day when you empty your bags you’re never quite sure if what you got will work for the job- take these dolls for example. When I showed them to Micah he started screaming instead of laughing. Oh well, shopping certainly is entertaining and a fun way to spend a few hours πŸ™‚