After 40 hours of traveling we have arrived in Vanuatu!!!! #wedidit #nobodycanrunawaynow #pinchingmyself

I pretty much feel like crying rivers of tears simply because after all that saving, and stressing and working and planning we actually arrived on this tiny island. All 9 of us, the parents, the teenagers, the children and the babies. It’s surely a miracle. Nobody but God and I will know how much work and how many tears and prayers we went through to actually make it here. This has been a dream of mine ever since my own parents took our family of 10 sailing around the world. I always hoped I could do something similar but never really believed it could be possible.

Everything feels entirely surreal. The palm trees, the warm thick air, the sounds, the colors. Is it real?

After being met at the airport with leis and love 11 of us crammed into a pickup truck with all our luggage. Apparently this isn’t at all abnormal and the kids were delighted with the fact that nobody had to buckle or even have their own seat for that matter.  For us rule bound Canadians, however, this was quite an exciting ride!

As soon as we dropped off our luggage Dustin and Lindy (my brother and sister- in- law who we were meeting up with on this little island) took us to eat handmade fire grilled pizza and watch an incredible Polynesian fire dancing show.

We were all so tired, but the beauty of the dance mesmerized us and the boys couldn’t keep their little toes out of the soft sand. The mosquitoes buzzed around us which pretty much the only thing that kept reminding me that this wasn’t a dream but indeed our new reality!

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