Hang on tight if you want to join us for an island ride!

It’s really hard to get cars on the island because everything has be imported from somewhere else. When you find a car and it’s in your price range you snap it up- pretty much regardless of how it works. That’s how we all ended up with the island bus… 🙂 If you want a few bumps and jolts, join us for as Lindy takes out the island bus for the first time!

At first glance the rusty blue and white striped bus looks ok. But once you open the door you immediately realize there is a problem!

The barely there seat hangs on by a thread and the wires are all hanging out and down. The clutch and the breaks sort of work and you realize just what that means as you literally JOLT down the road.

As the passenger up front I have a seat but nobody else does. they are sitting on suitcases and buckets with no seat beltsso they sort of flop back and forth as we go down the road.

I am not sure why Lindy and I even decided to take the bus by ourselves, and I honestly don’t have any idea if she even knows how to drive a standard vehicle.

It gets boring being stuck at home and lots of times the men are busy working on the new house that Dustin is building so they can’t come with us.

Today we had to buy presents for some village ladies who were getting married and having babies. It’s always fun to bring presents to people because they never expect it and are always so appreciative. That is just one thing I love about living here, your small efforts go a long way!

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