white sand



Well the jury is no longer out if this was the right place to come.

The day was spent in water so turquoise and white sand beaches that were so soft and beautiful that you truly didn’t believe your eyes.  #nofiltersneeded

Massages on the beach, swinging in hammocks, exploring sunken ships, and eating delicious food at stunning restaurants is what we did all day. It was perfect and truly the most relaxing, fun, day I could have imagined. #mustbeparadise


We spent hours exploring the various beaches on the North end of Santo Island. This world schooling day was all for adults and we enjoyed every minute of it!

We went to Port Olroy, and to champagne beach, a white sand beach that stretched on for miles. The snorkeling was breathtaking and we spent hours swimming with the fish. A few of the adults enjoyed cool lemonade on the beach and others got massages from island girls right there on the shoreline! The water was so still and fresh that I just closed my eyes and floated on top of the water thinking about family, God, worlds schooling homeschooling, my teenagers, my toddlers and all the beautiful world that I was lucky enough to be a part of!