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Visiting the Healing Springs of Espiritu Santo, Vanuatu

Well, the day was perfectly hot and we needed somewhere to cool off. I had heard all about the powerful healing waters of Santo, Vanuatu and thought that this would be a good time to try them out. After all, I was struggling with numerous health condition that were getting worse and worse. “What could it hurt?” I thought to myself as I persuaded the others to join me.  I personally had already heard dozens of stories from neighbours and friends that testified to the miraculous power of the healing springs. I thought you guys would like to join me so I inconspicuously made a little video 🙂

Santo was an entire island away so we first had to buy tickets and fly there, but we found an amazing resort for sale called Lope Lope and the three couples were interested in buying it and running a health and wellness resort.

The healing miracle of the Santo Healing Springs is very precise. You must bathe 3 times, you must go fasting and praying. You must pour the water over your head and certain amount of times and then if all of that won’t work you can also try drinking the salty water.

I was too shy to do my healing bathing with all the other island people so instead I went at night when mostly everyone was gone. I did exactly as instructed and went back the required 3x. But in the end the healing waters of Santo DID NOT heal me 🙁

What about you did you ever try to do something to get better but it didn’t work?

Building a Natungra Structure in the Tropics

Hey Everybody!! Everyday here is amazing. You can’t run to the store like you can at home and just pick up or buy what you need so many of the things that people have are just built from materials around us. Watch this little video to see what I mean 🙂

It all started with my sister who was desperate to have an outdoor eating structure where she and her guests could enough a meal with shade overhead.

Patrice, was our dear friend, the father to two sweet kids and my sisters worker. Today it was his job to make a natangura structure. the whole process was amazing and interesting!

First he insisted that he had to be dropped off in the jungle where he would collect the needed supplies.

My sister obediently obeyed and Patrice and a few boys were gone the whole day.

When they returned he had some special plants that were used to create strips off of them which turned into rope. The rope was used to attach the leaves to the wooden structure that Patrice would make.

After Patrice had his rope, he would gather the leaves from the Natungura tree and then weave them into a covering over an umbrella type wooden structure that he had made with crooked thin branches which had been stripped of their bark.

It took about a week but it was a beautiful little structure in the end.

My sister spent hours outside sipping icy lemonade on those hot island days.