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pondering – Hey Becky Boo



It’s All About Perspective!

A friend and I went out to dinner with our spouses. At the end of the dinner my husband and my friend both had to go the bathroom and I was left sitting with my friends spouse, Mike for a few minutes while we waited together.

Trying to make small talk I looked up and saw a gorgeous full colour painting on the wall in front of me. It was of vibrant mountain lakes with sparkly blue water and giant mountains in the background. The massive piece of art spanned the entire wall, and was covered in a glossy finish.

As I looked at the painting I said to Mike.

‘Wow that painting is really pretty.’I waited expectantly for him to agree, instead there was an awkward pause and then he said,

‘Do you really think so?’

‘Absolutely!’ I insisted.

‘It’s not the same vibe as the art in my own home, but it’s definitely beautiful!’

There was a noticeable lack of confirmation from Mike, finally he asked cautiously,

‘Well, what exactly do you like about it?’I responded passionately,

‘The colors are beautiful, the scene is peaceful and it’s so magical looking!’

Another few seconds past in silence as we both studied the art piece more critically this time.I began to feel self-conscious, as I wondered why Mike, Who hadn’t previously struck me as design savvy wouldn’t have agreed with me.

As the silence lingered uncomfortably, I shifted my gaze from the mountains scape in front of me to the man beside me. I noticed that his head was cocked to one side as he stared intently at a ugly piece of orange and red abstract art on the wall in front of him.

I suddenly realized that he and I had been gazing at two completely different pieces of art while we conversed.

I began to laugh as I pointed to the picture that I had been staring at. When he saw what I had been looking at he also started to laugh at the clear misunderstanding.

As I drove home last night I contemplated the experience. I was taught a valuable lesson on perspective, and reminded by the spirit to be a little more understanding and gentle in my relationships and with those around me. 💗