eating the cat


Shocking Lunch Discovery That Made Us Throw Up!

It started out as what we thought was going to be a lovely little date together. We snuck off and thought we’d grab some lunch from one of the little roadside markets. That was our mistake…in the end we didn’t eat anything.

You know the entire experience was really fascinating. The way that the fur smelled as it burnt off in the pan which was over top of the simmering fire.

What was so interesting to both of us is how anyone could actually ENJOY eating cat. I mean there was hardly anything to recommend it. I certainly will never be able to see an alive cat without thinking of those poor kitty cat souls that got eaten up on the islands.

The enthusiasm for eating horse, dogs and cats can not been matched. I just think if I lived here for 100 years I still could not possible come to love any of those tastes! I did try bat once though, and that wasn’t TOO bad. But once was still enough!

What do you think? Would have you tried the cat? What has yours most shocking lunch discovery been?