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World schooling – Hey Becky Boo

World schooling


Homeschooling During Covid-19


Friends keep asking me how I get my kids to spend 4 hours a day on school. The answer I always give is- I DON’T!! 🔥

💗If I have an ELEMENTARY aged child they are going to spend about 1 hour sitting down at a desk filling out a worksheet or learning a formal math, english, writing, science, history lesson. 1 hour altogether all day.

💗💗If I have a MIDDLE SCHOOL aged child I expect them to spend at least 2 hours all together a day doing formal learning.

💗💗💗If I have a HIGHSCHOOL aged child, they should be spending 3-8 hours doing formal learning depending on the courses they are taking, the interests they have and the direction they are taking with their education. (Are they on acceleratedted path, a slowed down path, struggling in other areas of their lives etc…)

The rest of the day for all my kids is not spent in FORMAL LEARNING. But it IS spent in learning! That means a strict:
No tv
No internet browsing
No video games
Only a few minutes of social media.

SO WHAT ARE THEY DOING THE REST OF THE TIME? They will be bored. Which is exactly where I want them to be so that they do these things instead:

📖Read Books (gotta read a couple classic books in between the candy books they love. We often add history in the form of books)

🙌Helping Clean Up

👩‍🍳Make a Meal for the family

👩‍💼Helping a Sibling do school

👨‍🎨Learning a New Craft

🎻Practicing Music or an instrument

🧜‍♂️LIstening to an audiobook while doing some of the above

🚴‍♂️Going for a Walk

🦆🐥Taking Care of Animals

👉Organizing a Space

🥯Baking Something

🕵️‍♀️Experimenting with something

🙇‍♂️🙇‍♀️Writing in their journal

🕊Doing their scripture study

🤱Playing with a sibling

🏹Playing games

👑Playing cards


👵👴Doing Service for Someone else

🙋‍♀️Connecting with a friend or family member across the road, or via skype/phone/video

I have been homeschooling for 17 years and let me tell you it really works! The kids won’t learn anything if they are crying and you are crying and the whole family is crying because they hate school so much. Instead learning should be as fun as possible, (sometimes it isn’t fun, but since it’s for such a short time it can be endured).

BUT WHAT IF YOUR CHILD HAS TEACHERS SENDING THEM WORK? This is the deal, YOU ARE YOUR CHILDS BEST ADVOCATE. It is extremely unlikely that any child will fail a grade or class due to this extraordinary covid-19 experience!

🥰If the work the teacher is sending is causing distress, and anxiety to your child THEY CAN’T LEARN! However, the teacher themselves is also doing their very best! Respect that they are sending what they have to but be clear what your child is and is NOT able to do. Communication goes a long way!

Do whatever you need to do, to make this learning experience effective and enjoyable for your family. If you have any questions I’d be happy to answer them!



To see what My Family Classroom looks like check out this video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OLzKV94M3zs

Ifira Island

We wanted to see the turtles and the local man told us that little tiny island off the coast of Efate was the place to go. After parking your car you were supposed to walk to the dock or wait until someone in a boat offers to drive you. Once they arrive you pay them 1$ for each person in the boat and get dropped off at your choice of spots on the little island.

It worked! We waited on the dock and within a few minutes a boat showed up and offered to drive us. In went the Women, in went the children, and in went the men, then when you thought we couldn’t possibly fit another person, in went the jugs of water, the bundles of coconuts, and the bags of groceries. It was epic, and kinda stressful-I was so glad the boys had their floaty suits on!

Apparently they have no safety regulations for exactly how many people can fit in a boat. And in order to make the most money in each trip they really piled us in!!!

At first I thought maybe the island was so close that it didn’t matter if we sunk or not, but it took a good half an hour at least on the ocean to get there.

The day was bright and sunny, and the water was so crystal clear and turquoise blue that you could see right to the bottom. Isaiah could not resist dragging his hand through the water as the boat moved forward and I couldn’t blame him.

Because the tide was out when the boat driver was dropping people off there were places where he had to pull up the engine, hop into the water and push the boat over the coral growing in the white sand beneath us just to get people close enough to the shore. They still had to carry their bags and bundles through the ocean just to get home.

When we finally got to the white sand beach with clear turquoise water the boat driver asked when we would like him to return and after I told him he sped away.

It was magic! The beach was covered in sand dollars and starfish. The kids spent hours picking them up, finding out they were still alive, letting them go, and discovering all kinds of interesting facts about them in between!

The tide was out and there were so many truly fascinating things to discover on the reefs, in the ocean, and in the tidepools.

​The sea urchins were plentiful today so the barefooted beauties had to be careful not to step on them. The last time someone got stung by a sea urchin it was disastrously painful, so we were very happy that situation was avoided today:)

Locals were like little ants in the distance collecting shells and trapped fish for dinner, filling their buckets and bags as they laughed and chatted.

​​We never actually saw a sea turtle, however, we saw so many other amazing things it didn’t even bother us in at least. The only thing we were missing on this perfect day was my second oldest daughter who had decided to stay home on the adventure.

#shemissedout #ithinkthismustbeheaven

The Proffitt Family hanging out on a log in Paradise

What do you think, could you handle a day in paradise? I gotta say, this world schooling experience won’t be easy to beat!

#Vanuatu #Ifiraisland #icouldntbehappier

Preparing for Cyclone Donna

Well we went shopping to stock up on food and water in preparation for the cyclone. This is what we got. Sound yummy?
92 bananas 10 pamplemouse 20 tangerines 4 bags of homegrown freshly picked peanuts 21 passion fruit 15 giant avocados 12 french baguettes 10 papayas 2 bunches fresh basil 1 bunch fresh mint 1 freshly grown ginger root 1 pomegrantic 6 bags dried banana and manioc chips 12 nouse 30 sweet potatoes
Of course we bought it all from the market, fresh, island grown organic produce. YUM! We could have bought a frozen McCains pizza for $22USD, a box of Cocoa Puffs for $15.00USD or a container of yogurt for $14.00USD, but I couldn’t afford those things 🙂
We did splurge and buy a battery operated radio, two water storage containers and a bunch of flashlights, oh I almost forgot and a bouquet of fresh flowers. I got the flowers because if I’m stuck inside for two days I wanted it to be pretty:)
I’ll let you know how long this lasts.
By the way, I just found out the the locals have a special name for the house we live in, Cyclone Kaikai. This directly relates to rest of this post because the name translates to cyclone food…yikes!