The oldest girls took a hike through the jungle with a group of their cousins and local friends. All the locals knew that the plant was to be avoided but they forgot to tell my girls. Two of the girls ended up falling down and getting covered in a tropical stinging plant #should’vewornlongershorts. The sting lasts from a week to a month and the only remedy is to find the plant that stung you and crack open it’s stem, spreading the sap on the sting. Here’s the report!

Well Poor Laea, she has been such a good sport about this whole adventure and somehow she’s been the one who keeps getting boiled, bit and attacked.

This time those rashes lasted for weeks before finally easing up. They hiked for hours with Amjed to find a remedy for the stings but they couldn’t find any anywhere. So she came home and tried another island medicine remedy, but it wasn’t very effective at treating the affected areas.

We all laugh and cry with Laea and we are proud of her resilience and determination and good attitude. It’s a refreshing attitude to have around here!

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