Our Family Christmas

Christmas this year was perfect. It’s always a good feeling when you think back and feel satisfied with how everything went. We really had a lot of fun together and it was good to spend this beautiful season together!

The only thing I was missing was my 17 year old daughter. Hopefully we can persuade her to join us next year!

Here’s a movie of all our adventures!

I have so many things that I love to do for christmas, to keep it focused on Jesus Christ. Here are a list of some of my favorite traditions:


Singing to people/Christmas Carolling

Reading Stories that are inspiring

Read Christmas Stories

Listen to Christmas Music

Wrap up Christmas Picture books and put it under the tree

Bake Christmas Goodies

Go skating

Go sledding

Build Fires

These are just a few of my favorite things to do at Christmas Time. Please drop a line and tell me what your favorite traditions are!

The Death of a Pet

Nobody can say the bet the beetle wasn’t well loved. Indeed in it’s short life with my son it got a LOT of attention.  It’s just too bad that all that loving ended in death. Join us as we find out about Zaby’s latest pet!

In all fairness, the beetle was getting very old before the boys found it and I must say I think it had a rather eventful last week. I’d also like to think that the poor soul is now safely and happily resting in Heaven. At least that is the assurance I give my children.

It’s so much fun living in a tropical place where we run into the most interesting and exciting animals, bugs, food, fruit and people!

I hope we never forget these seemingly ordinary moments that somehow are merging together to create something extraordinary!