It’s official. I have always hated animals and now my house has turned into a living zoo! It started out with the lizard, and then the baby chick that Mamma Mary gave my daughter when she was at the top of the mountain visiting last week. After that the snails, the crabs and the cat just all sort of joined our family.

But the weirdest thing about the whole situation is that the Lizard and the baby chick live INSIDE our house! Yes you heard me correctly. They live inside, because the dog lives outside and we don’t want the the dog to eat the family pets. So our house is turning into a menagerie!

But I do have one small confession to make, our kids love it. They love having all the animals and the little boys love chasing them around the house and the girls love hearing their loud little chirps throughout the house.

I do feel blessed to live here, despite the zoo it’s been so rewarding for all my kids physically, mentally and spiritually. I hope it lasts forever!

What about you? What’s the strangest pet YOU’VE had living INSIDE your house?!

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